About the Author

‘My present writer, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma upon February 11th 1969 has one son Evan, mother Eva, father Gary and sister Cara.’

‘I have spoken with Robert preceding his age of two. He has been revealed My mission for other’s lives. Following his third and final rebirth, I erased his negativity and began speaking historical truth.’

‘I then revealed humanism, Spirits and weather globally to Benjamin: Life has been/shall remain spiritual within everything upon earth.’

‘He was taught everything from My continuously good perspective and how, you too, shall receive glimpses within a more blessed, as well as, calmed future when you listen well to My perfect words.’

‘I have asked My current messenger to ask Me to bless numerous locations globally, denounce the negative energy or Satan within hurricanes, typhons, tsunamis, tornadoes and numerous humans.   I remain the perfectly good Spirit and have a plan that shall occur.’