About the Book

When spoken, God’s quotes shall remain in bold type. Here is your first,

‘I am the beginning, there is no end and life shall be blessed further.’

You shall become revealed why all living creatures feel, think and behave as they do. When God first spoke for His writer to slate offspring in 2009, earth’s weather was volatile and there were significant hurricanes and tornado deaths in America. Over time, God asked for specific prayers and the alleviation of storms, where He chose. A few years passed and God asked your writer to pray for the decrease of weather anomalies globally.

Were these correlations or from prayers? Irrelevant, God’s goodness occurred.

One month into book, God said, ‘Return to the beginning, modifying any reference of I, me, my and mine from your perspective. Also, use refrain rather than negative words: Our readers shall understand when reading latter chapters.’

Throughout your writer’s life, God has revealed numerous answers to specific and broad questions written in this book for you to continue hopeful and calm within these humble enlightening words.

‘Follow My wonderful calm direction in your soul, thus, heart and mind: the human consciousness is slated and The Plan regarding what shall occur has been revealed.’

From God, a third and final rebirth occurred the middle of 2009 answering numerous of life’s questions in book for you. Many miracles and visions have occurred in life from God through writer and God asked for the book becoming written for you understanding the meaning of life and why we are on earth loving and otherwise. Humans remain living for one another, understanding throughout history life is from God’s good energy or satan’s negative energy. When your energy remains continuously good, every facet of your life remains frictionless.

Receive blessed favor becoming sentient of God’s continuously and only good perspective.