‘When your perspective, perceptions, thoughts, feelings, awareness, thus, consciousness remain directed continuously well from Me, the present/future remains the best time to live throughout human history: My and your blessed book remains earth’s future historical truth.’

‘I invite you to learn the process of healing yourself, as well as, anything alive loved well.’

‘God’s Offspring remains written from the Creator and Source of all good within Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and yourself. If you are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, agnostic or atheist: all humans receive good thought processes, feelings, direction and otherwise. Learn to receive continuous goodness, when you listen and adhere to My simple words slated herein. Life remains a continuous pleasure for you, those present as well as Me.’

‘I asked Robert to write this book and spoke what to title, names and order of chapters, as well as, every word within for a reason, you the reader. My writer remains a vessel who receives blessed awareness and gives My gentle goodness. Receiving continuous information from Me, I spoke for him to slate historical truth for following generations. Everything good has occurred for a reason and your blessed enlightenment shall as well. Read from the beginning for My gentle plan: whom are chosen shall receive certainty.’

‘Enjoy My discernment of everything and where you with The Spirit shall proceed.’